Companies using Bluestreak™ or Bright AM™ are, themselves, vendors to other companies that need their part-processing services. Normally, when Part-processing is completed, the parts are shipped/delivered to the customer, or are picked up by the customer. The Bluestreak™ Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) module is specifically for Bluestreak™ user companies that will be temporarily (either short term or long term) storing finished Parts at their facility until their customer is ready to take delivery of the Parts.

Selected customer Parts can be designated as VMI Parts in Bluestreak™, so that when a
Bluestreak™ Work Order (WO) is completed for any of these VMI Parts that may be on the WO, either the full quantity or a selected subset of those VMI Parts, can be ‘added to your inventory’. All inventory transactions (pushed or pulled) are also logged in Bluestreak™ for a complete documented audit trail.

WO processing in Bluestreak™ follows all of the existing business rules as the WO can be designated complete via a WO shipper and then invoiced as normal. When your customer is ready for delivery of the completed VMI Parts, a BOL (Bill of Lading) can be generated in Bluestreak™ and the selected VMI inventory items/Parts can be added to the BOL; which serves as a shipping document for the included Parts.

A BOL is just another report in Bluestreak™, so it can be modified (or new BOL’s developed) to
include the information you want to show your customer(s), and it will be ‘branded’ accordingly to match other customer-facing Bluestreak™ documents (company logo, name, address, certifications, etc.).

Key Features

  • A Customer Part can be connected to an Inventory Item.
  • There is no limit to the number of Customer Parts that can be connected to Inventory Items as VMI.
  • When a VMI Customer Part is on a WO and completed processing, the full, or selected quantity of those parts can be “Added to Inventory.”
  • The WO can be invoiced as normal, via WO shippers.
  • When the customer wants the VMI parts to be shipped to them, a BOL can be added and selected VMI
  • inventory items can be added to the BOL. The BOL serves as a shipping document for the included parts.
  • Any number of custom BOL reports can be built and selected as “default” for customers.
  • All of the Inventory transactions of Parts added to and removed from Inventory is logged.