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“We were using antiquated software to help run our growing business and we knew there had to be a change. We needed something that would handle today’s business culture and demands, as well as tomorrow’s expectations. After a due diligence search of potential MES software candidates, we chose Bluestreak. Bluestreak will grow with us and keep evolving with the business as we evolve. Bluestreak is perfect for us. The way we think is the way the software is built.”

“The interactive and multifaceted business systems that have been implemented as part of the Bluestreak software are, in my experience, far and away one of the best application for the control and management of a Quality Management System. As auditors, we get to see all sorts of applications for the control of activities, documentation and records. The Bluestreak approach that is being used is definitely a best practice. I found that the system supported the integration and implementation of the controls necessary for a solid QMS in ways that are easy to understand and appeared to be easy to use. I have no doubt that this system will be a real plus for the team going forward.”

“We began using the baseline software system from Throughput I Bluestreak in 2011 to streamline our heat treating processes while also adding a quality assurance component to specific steps on our shop floor. We have since implemented additional modules as the business has grown and our needs have evolved. The Bluestreak folks have supported us very well over the years, and have even assisted us in our own sales & marketing campaigns, by making their marketing team available to us at no charge to consult and create some customized Customer Connector sales collateral for us. They treat us like a true partner that has our best interest in mind.”

“I wish I would have implemented Bluestreak several years ago when I first looked at it. It would have saved me years of headaches and ongoing problems trying to manage and keep track of the work we do. I’m glad we finally made the decision to implement it. Our bottom line showed higher profits because of less re-work, and we actually got some new customers because of using the Customer Connector piece of Bluestreak.”

“Great QMS software. Software has very unique features designed for specialized manufacturing in aerospace and service based manufacturing.”

“Prior to using iMaintain, we had a maintenance software that wasn’t connected to all our other systems so only the maintenance department saw it. That allowed the maintenance department and production people to maintain a wall between them. By putting iMaintain to use, everything is visible and transparent and the production people can look and see exactly the status of the project with equipment. It draws the maintenance group in and makes them accountable both for learning how to use the computer and systems and keeps everything current with perspective to PM. It gives us an avenue of communication between departments and it allows us to hold people accountable. From a business perspective, you want to go to one place for as much information as possible. Being able to use Bluestreak and go there for everything to do with equipment and business, is a huge advantage.”

“I like the fact that it’s online, it’s continually updated. I access Bluestreak from my iPad, from shows, from the road, from my cottage—wherever I am I have full control of the shop to see what’s going on on a daily basis, hour to hour. Works like a charm. The updates are seamless, we never have an issue. The interfaces are wonderful, intuitive, and easy to train people on. New users can get up to speed in a week on the basics and fine tune it from there. We like the custom ability of you guys to help us get exactly what we want, the reports that we want. We find the grid reporting is particular helpful.”

“Before Bluestreak we had to depend on our own production’s memory how to do a job, a special process, as well as to figure out what temperatures to use. There was no real guarantee of consistencies — no way of checking who did what, who wrote the cards and who racked it. We were constantly having to pull things from the files and archives for pricing or notes. We also wanted to keep up with the times. Some of our customers were superseding us in technology so we tried different software but nothing fit all our needs. We came to Bluestreak. The operators don’t have to think about what they need to do because instructions are right in front of them saving time on the floor. The capabilities of Bluestreak are endless. We figured out how to make Bluestreak and our procedures work. Everything is in there. I know exactly what jobs are here, who did what, and at what time. I don’t need to leave my desk now.”

“Like anything, it’s hard to truly know where you were until you’re ahead of the curve looking back. We didn’t know what we were lacking until now.

I would recommend Bluestreak for the transfer of information. You are able to effectively and efficiently communicate whatever information you have on a track order to customers, peers and co-workers. Bluestreak is huge on providing information at point of use wherever you need it, it’s there — on the road, out of the plant, in the plant. If you have access to a computer then you can pull the information. This is huge as far as quality, customer service being able to maintain a history on the order. It allows us to better serve our customers with our quality.

Now we are able to see where we have a lot of potential and where we can move forward. We are more effective and have more efficient communication because we are not going through file after file trying to read somebody else’s hand writing. Now we have the information we need wherever we have access to Bluestreak. We can access where the order is in its process. This allows us to give a better answer when parts, jobs will be completed, better scheduling, when parts will be ready and what departments they’re in. We can find things faster without relying on our memory. We have the answer; a history on every order that we’ve done and that history helps us to better our quality and data.

Customers can also access their orders through Bluestreak. They can see where their parts are to help them with scheduling and help them with getting more jobs. So by far, what I recommend about Bluestreak is the access to information.”

“Before we had Bluestreak we were on a Chameleon system. It was out dated, not keeping up with the market, unable to be updated, and revisions were not able to be added. Among all the other programs, Bluestreak was voiced about being the best one. The main things that stood out was being a program that can be tailored to your specific modification of what your company does with a certain parameter. When we went live, we saw on time delivery go up and errors in our shop go down. More sistential information was being applied to the work order for the shop allowing them to have more information in their hands. I recommend Bluestreak’s personnel and staff because they give you information you need up front, no cutting corners and they’re willing to put in the hours to work with you as long as you need. The program itself is user friendly, easy to adapt and get accustomed to.”

“We needed a system that would allow us a lot more flexibility and traceability. The main sell point for us was the shop floor, the fact that the guys don’t have to run around with pens signing off. The system doesn’t allow them to do things, unless the system tells them to do it. I would say the main thing is just to keep us ahead as far as technology goes. We didn’t want the same old, same old that everybody else was doing. You know, the sign off procedures are great, the problem is that if somebody doesn’t sign off on most of the aerospace policies, it was never done. To have a system in place that’s automatically tracking things… without choice, that was a huge thing. The system to some degree, is self-policing where we can minimize our quality team. It almost replaces individuals in the quality system.”

“iMaintain-the perfect choice for us. Everything used to be on paper. We’d fill out PM forms on the floor and at the end of the week the 100+ PM’s had to be entered one at a time in the computer. Now we work with iPads right next to the machine where we enter information directly. We start the process, Bluestreak tells you what to do and then we close the PM. Information is stored and saved in real-time. We now can take pictures and place ‘em into Bluestreak’s media section and save it. No paper trails. If somebody needs to see it, we go into our media file, and there it is.”