Achieving the perfect finish is essential to your customer’s satisfaction. A number of finishing techniques are used today to create that desired effect and improve part performance. No matter what type of service you provide, anodizing, painting, polishing, blasting, etc.,
Bluestreak I Surface Finishing Edition™ will improve production, management of materials, quality, scheduling, tool tracking, and much more because unlike all the other Surface Finishing Software, Bluestreak I Surface Finishing Edition™ is not based on manufacturing a part, but rather, performing a process.

Enhancing features include: quotations, order entry, certifications, process masters, scheduling, real-time tracking, pricing, digitized pictures, accounts receivable, automatic e-mail, sales reporting, production analysis, shipping reports, real-time customer portal, automatic notifications, text messages, Bluestreak I Integrated Quality Hub™, non conformances, customer complaints, corrective actions, specifications management, equipment calibration logs, maintenance,  data collection, and more.

Key Features

Bluestreak I Surface Finishing Edition™ includes ALL of the core functionality of Quote to Invoice (Q2I). Bill of Lading, and our full QMS functionality. Optionally included are and Production Pathway, Inventory and Purchase Orders.

You can ALWAYS add ANY of our other modules to your solution when the timing is right for your business. Popular Surface Finishing add-ons are iDeliver, Customer ConnectorScheduleiMaintain and Advanced Specifications Manager, including our exclusive intelliPlan.

Please Contact Us for more information or for demo of what Bluestreak™ can do for your surface finishing business.