Why the Right QMS + MES Make the Difference in Manufacturing

Why the Right QMS + MES Make the Difference in Manufacturing


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For service-based manufacturing companies (which includes most metal-treating/powder-coating, plating, heat-treating, and metal-finishing businesses), implementing the right manufacturing QMS + MES tools can make a huge difference in overall success and profitability. Manufacturers must choose the right software packages and platforms to run their business if they want their operation to thrive. Thousands of dollars can be saved, production floors and schedules can be optimized, and clients’ needs can be met or exceeded more easily, all with a few keystrokes on the right software platform.

Before acquiring a QMS + MES solution, companies should consider the benefits of doing so. For example, they can have reduced errors and rework, grow more efficiently, produce higher quality documentation and quality assurance, develop a culture focused on quality with a consistent vision, and build a more satisfied customer base that keeps coming back for repeat orders.

Manufacturers must also aim to improve the quality of their data and make it more usable across different processes. Production floors can unlock the true power and potential of their data by eliminating technology silos and sharing data across departments. This can be done through top QMS + MES software. Integration will eliminate inefficient data silos and complete the big picture of data that many companies are still missing despite the rapid advances in technology.

Choosing the right manufacturing QMS + MES platform is easier said than done for many companies. Service-based manufacturers need to find an option that caters specifically to their needs, not those of larger, higher volume operations that focus on different types of production. Service-based manufacturing is a niche industry, which means it needs platforms that address its specific requirements.

Many of the most common production floor and management tasks for service-based manufacturers can be automated through the use of proven software like Bluestreak. Companies that neglect or choose not to invest in their software are going to leave money on the table and see their profit margins suffer. Automating mundane and easily optimizable tasks is a huge X-factor for smaller companies. Why devote energy and thought to aspects of your business that you don’t have to?

Let’s break down a few of the key solutions that Bluestreak offers through its manufacturing QMS + MES platform to better understand how working with a proven software leader can lead to long-term business success.

  • Integration of specification resources with the Advanced Specifications Manager enables you to manage specifications for different clients/industries. Create a centralized set of specifications that makes it easier to track and conform to requirements for different jobs and clients.
  • The intuitive scheduling tool can be quite dynamic for planners and managers and allows things to change on the fly. For example, if a rush job comes in, Bluestreak can help adjust the schedule to work around the new order and make sure it goes out without completely disrupting everything else going on across the manufacturing floor.
  • Advanced quality management automates quality data entry and risk analysis and cuts down on reporting errors. Get your data, get your reports, and save time that would have been spent tracking, inputting, and analyzing data.
  • Real-time shop floor tracking monitors all work in progress and keeps the floor running as efficiently as possible. Better, more actionable, real-time data is a boon for manufacturers. Bluestreak does this and more.
  • Generate job quotes, invoices, work orders, and certifications and manage shipping from a fully integrated platform built exclusively for service-based manufacturers.

Here are a few key statistics to consider from worldwide industrial leader Honeywell. Over 42% of manufacturers agree that they have run their equipment harder than is necessary or advisable, leading to breakdowns or unscheduled maintenance. Again, 42% of manufacturers agreed that they have put off new investments in essential equipment. Nearly 50% of respondents said that data analytics is no longer an optional tool for manufacturers, but 13% said that they still don’t understand the benefits of high-quality analytics. About 8% want proof that analytics can work, and 10% think that the benefits aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. There’s a wide gap in understanding, but companies that continue to lag won’t just struggle—they’ll get left in the dust and end up out of business.

Having the right manufacturing QMS + MES platform powering your floor can and will make all the difference in the long run. Bluestreak has what it takes to optimize and upgrade manufacturers without a huge investment or lengthy implementation.

Bluestreak’s MES + QMS solution helps service-based manufacturers increase production floor productivity and increase their profits.

If you’re ready to leave manual, time-consuming service-based manufacturing tasks in the past, drastically reduce your scrap and rework percentage, gain visibility of your production floor processes, and build better relationships with your customers, contact us for a free consultation today!