Key Features


  • Link inventory items to a Vendor and/or Vendor Part
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Multiple inventory locations
  • Set Reorder levels
  • Create a Purchase Order for Vendor Parts, inventory items or non-inventory items
  • Create an inventory item or a Vendor Part (that may or may not be an inventory item)
  • Review a history of all Inventory transactions
  • Link inventory items to Customer Parts or to specific equipment

Purchase Orders

  • Capture quotes from vendors 
  • Generate PO’s for: 
    • Inventory items
    • Vendor parts that are not inventory items
    • Miscellaneous items that are not Vendor parts or inventory items
    • Work Order operation to outside vendors

Utilizes the Bluestreak I Global Communications Hub™

  • Automatically sends out notifications via iMail (internal Bluestreak™ mail), eMail or text messages, to Users, Contractors, Vendors
  • Dozens of events are automatically tracked and can be subscribed to with real-time notifications automatically sent out (i.e. inventory level low, PO generated, inventory added, etc.)