Bluestreak I Powder Coating Edition™ is the industry leading Powder Coating Software solution. It can be run locally or “in the cloud” as Software as a Service (SaaS). Bluestreak™ is completely customizable and Powder Coating Job Shops everywhere agree that Bluestreak I Powder Coating Edition™ is now number one – because it is designed to work the way your Powder Coating Shop works!  

Bluestreak™ is for companies, like yours, that receive customer’s parts, perform a process (service) on them, and sends those parts back to the customer. Unlike all the other powder coating or ERP software, it is not based on manufacturing a part; it is based on performing a process (service).​

Let’s face it, as a Powder Coater your needs and workflow are different from other manufacturing service organizations. You also have spent years refining a workflow and management tools that make your shop stand out from your competition. Now you realize you need a mature software tool that can provide you a solid framework to run your business but also allow you to embed your specific “twists” that makes your shop and service unique. This is how you can make your shop stand out and above the rest of the “pack.”​

Another way you can make your shop rise above the rest of the “pack” is to utilize Bluestreak I Customer Connector™ portal to revolutionize your customer service capabilities.

Key Features

Bluestreak I Powder Coating Edition™ includes ALL of the core functionality of Quote to Invoice (Q2I). Optionally included are Production Pathway, Inventory and Purchase Orders. Added to that are coating specific data/functionality, such as:

  • Vendors
  • Vendor Products
  • BOM
  • Colors
  • Per Part Product Usage
  • Production Rates – per Coating Line and per Customer/Order Part
  • Inventory Control
  • Easily handle multiple part numbers per work order and track them together
  • Easy manual pricing for “walk-ins” or “one-off” parts (including rack pricing).
  • Software “hooks” that allow us to “plug in” your company’s unique management metrics and workflow that are essential to your business.

You can ALWAYS add ANY of our other modules to your solution when the timing is right for your business. Popular powder coating add-ons are iDeliverCustomer ConnectoriMaintain and Schedule.

You owe it to your company to look at Bluestreak™ and see how having a real software partner can make all the difference between “hanging in there” and dominating your powder coating market. Contact Us for more information or for demo of what Bluestreak™ can do for your business.