The plating process has been utilized for hundreds of years and yet still today, is a critical component of modern manufacturing and technology advancements. Although there are several plating variations and operation methods, Bluestreak I Plating Edition™ manages every aspect of your diverse plating jobs from Pre-treatment – (disassembly / stripping / polishing), through the plating process (cleaning / setup / plate bath) to Post-treatment (additional protective coatings / waste disposal).

Key Features

  • Quotations
  • Work Order entry
  • Certifications
  • Process masters
  • Scheduling
  • Real-time tracking
  • Pricing
  • Media attachments
  • Invoicing  and A/R
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Sales Reporting
  • Production analysis
  • Shipping reports
  • Customer Portal
  • Integrated Quality
  • Nonconformances/CAPAs
  • Inventory/Vendor PO
  • Specifications management
  • Maintenance
  • And much more

Bluestreak™ is designed to be extensible and configurable to
your work centers, equipment, processes, and operational steps
so it’s easier to implement than most other systems; and it also gives
you access to a complete online training video library available 24x7x365.

If you have critical defense related projects that require metal finishing, rest assured the Bluestreak I ITAR/EAR™ user viewing control features, has the depth and breadth to implement and handle sensitive documentation and information under strict ITAR requirements.

  • Easy-to-access audit trails
  • Streamline processes
  • Manage and control sensitive information
  • Enforce classification
  • Limit distribution to safe recipients (traceable communication)
  • Manage aggressive scheduling requirements
  • Control strict cost and quality procedures
  • Ensure cross-firewall communications with many different partners
    (each with disparate IT infrastructures)

Add additional functionality when you need it in the future, with the popular plating
add-ons such as: iDeliver, Customer ConnectorScheduleiMaintain and BlueDocs.

Please Contact Us for more information or for a demo of what Bluestreak I Plating Edition™ can do for your plating business.