A new addition to the Bluestreak™ package of modules is the Operation Properties module functions. As part of your various Processes and Operations that you set up in Bluestreak™, this allows you to set up and designate additional data points and processing parameters on individual operating steps within a process.

These may include some of the things you currently include as text that is entered as part of the operating instructions for a given Process/Operation step, such as soak or quench time, process/harden/temper temperature, a program number for a controller, etc.

It can really be any kind of discrete or definable meaningful data that can be associated with or connected to an individual operating step. The purpose is to give you better operational control, improved production processing efficiencies and higher overall equipment utilization percentages.

Key Features

  • Customizable and editable list of properties unique to your own production facility processing environment.
  • Additional data points for scheduling and batching similar jobs/work orders.
  • Can be shown and utilized within the Bluestreak | Schedule™ module.
  • Data that can be used with a backend controls system (i.e. SSi) that has been integrated into your processing.
  • May include information that is relevant to a distinct processing ‘recipes.’