Purchase What You Need, When You Need It 
Bluestreak™ has made scalability possible with separate modules to choose from. Each of the modules focuses on a different
functionality to run your business from office to shop-floor. As operations grow, you can continue to empower
your team with tools needed for department integration, communication and traceability.

Don’t settle for a software system that becomes stagnant and outdated after a few years. Bluestreak™ is the smart choice of software
because of continuous new development driven by our customers’ requests for additional functionality.

Module Overview PDF

Baseline Bluestreak™ System Modules

  • Quote to Invoice (Q2I) baseline Work Order Management ‘engine’ powering suite of modules
    • Manage customer/vendor/prospect data, Contacts and customer concerns
    • Quote and Price Orders with multiple pricing mechanisms (including rack pricing)
    • Manage Work Orders / Job Travelers, Certs, CAPAs, NonConformances, Shippers
    • Control Plan characteristics and test results
    • Invoice and manage Accounts Receivable
    • Use any mobile device with internet access via a modern browser
  • Global Communications Hub – (Included in Basic System) Provides relevant real-time notifications via email, internal Bluestreak iMail, or text messaging.

General Business Management Modules

  • Purchase Order and Inventory – Inventory and purchase order management for smarter, faster purchasing decisions with automated inventory level notifications
  • iDeliver (for delivery and pick up of completed Parts) – Manages shipping and delivery with a Smartphone or tablet.
  • iMaintain (integrated equipment maintenance tied to Specs) – A planning, scheduling, preventative maintenance (PM) tool. 
  • BlueDocs (document management system with version control) – A web application designed to integrate Bluestreak™ with your existing data logging system.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory – Manage your customer’s parts (short term/long term) until parts can be delivered to your clients.
  • Marketing / eMail Campaigns – Create and schedule email blasts to internal staff, vendors, clients and prospects you have set up in your Bluestreak™ data-base.
  • Employee Manager (under development)
  • Audit (under development)
  • Risk Analysis – To assist in the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks, a requirement of ISO 9001:2015.

Production Control / Job Tracking Modules

  • Production Pathway (shop floor interface, real-time tracking, accountability) – Monitor all work in progress with this dynamic shop-floor interface with real-time tracking.
  • Schedule – Intuitive scheduling tool to view/manage all open orders.
  • Operation Properties – Create a customizable feedback survey questions and send to a group of Bluestreak™ users (internal company), or a group of Contacts (external customers, vendors, etc.).
  • intelliPlan (intelligent part-process planning) – Manage application industry specifications and guidelines in the part planning process for detailed auditability.

Compliance / Quality Management Modules

  • Advanced Specifications Manager / Spec Library Monitor all work in progress with this dynamic shop-floor interface with real-time tracking
  • Advanced Quality (rounding and converted units) – Enables fundamental features within your company’s Quality Control Plan characteristics – “rounding” and converted units.”
  • Advanced Control Plans / Sampling Plans (part-specific control plans) – Control advanced quality characteristics at the Work Order level or on individual steps within an overall Part Process.
  • User Viewing Restrictions (ITAR, EAR, etc.) – Manage complex requirements of company data viewing restrictions and ITAR/EAR regulations do spec sheet/website as module.
  • SPC – Statistical Process Control – Spot trends before your Process is out-of-control and store all sampling plans.
  • BlueCharts (data logging / charting system integration) – A web application designed to integrate Bluestreak™ with your existing data logging system.
  • Advanced Approvals (under development)
  • Automatic Contract Review – The optional Auto Contract Review process will be built into the Bluestreak™ order entry workflow, where we can code custom tests to prevent order entry errors. This review process would run automatically whenever a Work Order is created.

Customer Experience Modules

  • Customer Connector Portal – Empower customers to self-serve by placing Customer’s job/shipping/certification/etc., information into their hands in real-time.
  • Survey Create customizable feedback survey questions and send to a group of Bluestreak™ internal users or a group of Contacts (external customers, vendors, etc.).
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functions – (Included in Basic System) One unified system that connects the sales team, senior management and the shop floor to better manage customers and prospects.

Bright AM™ – Additive Manufacturing Add-On Modules

  • Advanced Serialization – Generate unique serial numbers in multiple formats or batched Parts on the same Build plate/platform.
  • Nonconformance Dispositioning (user definable) – Allows decisions to be made on the floor “on the fly” as to the type of nonconformance and what should happen next with that Part.
  • Advanced Tracking – Advanced Tracking provides for multiple, mutually exclusive part-processing routes at the individual Part level.