5 Things Your Manufacturing Execution System Should Ensure with Your QMS

5 Things Your Manufacturing Execution System Should Ensure with Your QMS


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Adding a manufacturing execution system is a big step for a service-based manufacturing company, but an essential one. For smaller service-based and Additive Manufacturers, the addition of a proven manufacturing execution system (MES) can supercharge profits and minimize many of the headaches that come with running a production floor and manufacturing operation. However, many production floor managers still lack an understanding of how their operation stands to benefit from adopting industry-specific execution software platforms.

The market for manufacturing execution systems and software is poised for tremendous growth, with dozens of players vying for customers and dollars from manufacturers. It’s becoming a billion-dollar software sector as manufacturers ramp up mass production, with populations continuing to grow exponentially. Automation will continue to power manufacturing, creating a greater need for MES to keep complex systems running efficiently.

Companies hoping to implement a manufacturing execution system should first strive to understand exactly what a quality MES can bring to their production floor. For starters, it can give manufacturers a real-time view of their workflow and provide constant feedback and insight into how things are working on the floor. Having an MES allows companies operating in heavily-regulated industries, like pharmaceutical, aerospace, or oil and gas, to show that their processes have strict quality control and quality assurance plans in place.

The goal of implementing a manufacturing execution system is to reduce inefficiencies and minor mistakes that prove costly when compounded over and over again. Bluestreak’s MES+QMS platform automates and optimizes many of the repeatable tasks on the production floor that can introduce human error when left unchecked.

With Bluestreak’s MES, companies can act swiftly to maneuver between different orders, manage rush orders, improve regulatory compliance, manage customer specifications across various industries, improve scheduling, and upgrade production data and quality management.

Bluestreak is a flexible platform with the capability to work for any service-based manufacturing operation. It is constantly being updated with new capabilities and functions that make manufacturing headaches go away. Let’s break down five of the biggest benefits that implementing Bluestreak can bring to service-based manufacturers.

  1. Bluestreak Advanced Specifications Manager: This allows manufacturers to build a comprehensive library of industry specifications that can be managed on a job-by-job basis. It improves accuracy and efficiency, with real-time feedback when work orders aren’t following a specification or using the right equipment.
  2. Real-time shop floor tracking: With real-time shop floor tracking, you can monitor all work in progress at every stage of processing—from contract review to shipment. Empower your operators by giving them access to critical information, such as processing data, part pictures, drawings, purchase orders, and more.
  3. Bluestreak Schedule: This gives planners and supervisors an intuitive scheduling tool that makes load planning easier and more dynamic. Using Bluestreak Schedule allows companies to keep a flexible schedule that can react quickly to rush or emergency orders. Keep your production floor running to its true capacity without sacrificing any accuracy or quality. With Bluestreak, manufacturers have a constant view of their floor’s schedule and can plan well in advance.
  4. Advanced Quality: Take the human error out of quality data entry and reporting on certifications and have enforceable risk analysis built into your quality management system (QMS) with Bluestreak Advanced Quality. Users can drill down to part-specific quality control and assign a level of control to every single part in the work order.
  5. Bluestreak’s Q2I (Quote to Invoice): This is a fully integrated platform designed exclusively for service-based companies. Q2I provides critical features designed to dramatically enhance information visibility and accessibility. It enables managers to have pricing and part data right at their fingertips, as well as equipment calibration logs, quality control plans, and drawings, pictures, and diagrams to make sure the work order follows every specification, from the quote to the invoice with the finished product.

The importance of implementing the right MES for your manufacturing business cannot be overstated. In the modern manufacturing world, having the best manufacturing execution system for your specific production floor is an absolute must. Bluestreak has worked tirelessly to ensure that our product is capable of handling all the most important capabilities that manufacturers seek in an MES. This software is essential for companies hoping to stand out in the service-based manufacturing industry. Without it, competitors will surge past and leave you in the rearview. Count on Bluestreak to help you eliminate mistakes, get more efficient, and run a modern manufacturing production floor that will be the envy of the competition.

Bluestreak’s MES + QMS solution helps service-based manufacturers increase production floor productivity and increase their profits.

If you’re ready to leave manual, time-consuming, service-based manufacturing tasks in the past, drastically reduce your scrap and rework percentage, gain visibility of your production floor processes, and build better relationships with your customers, contact us for a free consultation today!