For commercial Job Shops, Bluestreak™ provides end-to-end control, from Quoting to Invoicing, from Maintenance to Production Tracking to Real-time Customer Portal access. We easily handle Advanced Quality initiatives for Aerospace, Automotive and Medical. A fully extensible and audit compliant Quality Management System allows you to have all of your critical production documentation available anytime you need it; no more “silos” of disconnected data. Enjoy full visibility for management across all departments. You can even use Bluestreak™ to connect directly to your customer’s ERP system and effectively become their Captive Department for the services you provide.

You can start off VERY SIMPLY with Bluestreak™ using our base module “Quote to Invoice (Q2I)”. This base will likely give you much more functionality than you currently have. You can ALWAYS add additional modules down the road much like “snapping on a different socket to your ratchet.” There is NOTHING that you can do early on that would prevent you from adding new functionality modules in the future, unlike old and arcane software rooted in the past. It is far more important that you start using Bluestreak™ ASAP and not get bogged down in trying to implement every module right away. 

Start simply with a minimum of changes for your fellow employees. After everyone is comfortable with Bluestreak, then add in the next module. Keep doing this until you have the system your business needs and your customers deserve! Please Contact Us for more information or for a personalized demonstration of what Bluestreak™ can do for your business.

Connect Bluestreak™ Directly and Seamlessly to Your Customer’s ERP/MRP System