The Importance of Quality Control in Manufacturing

The Importance of Quality Control in Manufacturing


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Quality control management—the means and methods of precisely monitoring every step along the manufacturing journey, from raw materials to finished product—can make or break a service-based manufacturer. Being off by the smallest margin or failing to produce a finished product exactly to specification can result in a completely rejected batch, hence the importance of quality control in manufacturing.

As succinctly stated by the American Society for Quality, “Quality assurance consists of that ‘part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.’ The confidence provided by quality assurance is twofold—internally to management and externally to customers, government agencies, regulators, certifiers and third parties. Quality control is that ‘part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements.” Both of these components come together to form a quality system, the ultimate goal for manufacturers.

You can count on Bluestreak’s Integrated Quality Management System to seamlessly integrate your floor operations with a powerful suite of tools that ensure tight quality controls and flawless production. The software links the quality assurance and control systems together to individual work centers on the production floor and creates an easily understandable database with cohesive and actionable data points. Bluestreak’s QMS package is especially useful for manufacturing, heat treatment, powder coating, plating, and 3D printing operations.

Without reliable quality control in place, you will waste time, resources, and money. Your production costs will not be optimized, you’ll be forced to rework processes too many times, and you’ll fail audits. If this continues and affects the quality of product, clients will begin to look for another partner to work with.

The importance of quality control in manufacturing is more than saving money or protecting your reputation. Setting up sufficient measures improves the overall health of your business and helps you reach goals like lowering production costs, passing audits without lengthy delays, meeting all order specifications, increasing productivity, and making your company an attractive place for talented engineers to work.

Standardization is the ultimate goal of a robust quality control system. You want to produce a given product perfectly, within a razor-thin margin of error. For example, a company that manufactures bed sheets must hit a specific thread count on every single sheet they make—there can be no deviation from the specification. Knowing the importance of quality control in manufacturing will ensure that you won’t produce deviant batches.

Employees also need to be included in the quality control process. Skilled workers typically have a strong desire to excel in their careers and embrace the opportunity to work with cutting-edge software. Be willing to involve them in the design of an effective quality control process. This is one aspect where Bluestreak excels. With our proven “Success Support” process, we can work directly with you and your team to ensure that all elements of the implementation are completed correctly and according to schedule. You can hit the ground running and get the most out of our powerful software products.

Besides providing a strong support system, Bluestreak’s platform is geared toward gradual improvement of quality control without subjecting employees to a steep learning curve. Instead of a whole scale change of your typical process, you can implement a single module of the software at a time. Make the switch gradual rather than overwhelm staff with a massive change to their typical duties on the floor.

In addition to helping you maintain your status quo, proactive quality control can lead to long-term growth. Customers will bring repeat business back to manufacturers they trust or turn a service manufacturer into a primary vendor for one of their captive departments. Doing the job right the first time leads to better customer relationships and more prosperous business prospects.

Quality control software brings a higher level of visibility to the manufacturing floor and automates the process for ease of generating reports. Implementing new solutions might cause some pushback, but once the initial shock wears off, the automation of quality control improves a critical process, makes it repeatable, and saves time and money.

For many in the manufacturing industry, quality control is often the only way you can guarantee the successful growth of business. Companies that are willing to move forward with the most modern software and technology will continue to dominate.

If you’re ready to leave manual, time-consuming service-based manufacturing tasks in the past, drastically reduce your scrap and rework percentage, gain visibility of your production floor processes, and build better relationships with your customers, contact us for a free consultation today!