Guarantee Production Cost Reduction by 25%

Bluestreak™ focuses on processes, driving to the root cause of nonconformances through data that is visible anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Add more capacity to your production without adding equipment or employees implementing these specific modules:

Quote to Invoice/Q2i (Work Order Management) 
Production Pathway (Monitor all Work in Progress)
Advanced Specifications Manager (Documented Audit Trail)
BlueDocs (Document Control)
Schedule (Intuitive Scheduling Tool)
iMaintain (Preventive Maintenance Tool)
Risk Analysis (Identification, Assessment, and Prioritization of Risks)
Purchase Order and Inventory (Inventory Management and P.O. Capability)
Advanced Quality (Risk Analysis, Rounding and Converted Units)
intelliPlan (Manage Industry Specifications and Guidelines) 
Advanced Control Plans/Sampling Plans (Advanced Quality Characteristics) 
Statistical Process Control (Monitor and Control Processes)

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