Growth is Great, but Sometimes it Comes at a Cost

Growth is Great, but Sometimes it Comes at a Cost


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With so much effort expended on securing greater and greater market share, businesses often lose sight of the impact growth is having behind the scenes.

  1. Keeping Up: Your competitors are pulling ahead of you. You’re wrestling with your own growth and complexity, and they’re stealing your customers.

  2. Lost in the Fog: You’ve hit the point where everything is becoming overly complicated. Different business units are using different systems, creating confusion, and a lack of direction.

  3. Mass and Drag: Growth is great, but you’re quickly becoming too large for systems that were designed for a much smaller, more localized company. Because technology is slowing everyone down, you know you’re not getting the most out of your workforce.

  4. Yearning for More: You’ve got big ambitions to expand your customer base, but you’re held back by dated technology. You’re not making the most of your assets, but integrating and implementing an ERP software package for your business is going to be costly, and it won’t satisfy all your needs. You know your business can do better.

Unfortunately for you, Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, has a reputation for being cumbersome, confusing, and disappointing. For many it stands for Expense, Regret, Pain.

According to Gartner, nearly half of businesses (48%) admit they find the range of ERP solutions confusing and 75% of ERP projects are not implemented on time, and customers only use 10% of the functionality.

When it comes to managing your operations, you need:

  • Effectiveness: a simple but powerful way to manage pricing, invoicing and operations

  • Speed: end-to-end process integration, immediately, anywhere, anytime.

  • Simplicity: fast adoption, intuitive UI (user interface), deployment options, easy to manage.

  • Flexibility: adaptable to changing requirements, easy access to new applications, ready to increase capacity, scale, and expansion to new markets/geographies.

Companies with centralized data experience a 10% increase in efficiency.
Companies with better intelligence are four times more likely to optimize their inventory levels, reduce rework, and 2.2% more profitable. (Stats taken from Impact of data effectiveness on business outcomes at midsize businesses in North America and Europe—IDG Global Research).

In a digital world, business success is defined by agility and speed. Legacy ERP tools have been stopping your business from achieving its full potential, because they don’t offer a shop floor component.

Bluestreak™ cloud provides FASTER mobile access to applications, a SIMPLE browser interface, and FLEXIBLE, pain-free implementations that happen on time, every time.

Companies with mobile access to data sell 5% more product—including 3% more to new customers and if they are operating with real-time data, the percentage is even higher.

Accelerate core business process integration—from order entry to invoicing—within one cohesive software solution.

Deliver business intelligence
Produces real-time analytics and greater insights into costs and operational performance across the organization.

Highly Configurable
Delivers simple-to-make and highly intuitive workflows that can be customized to meet unique business requirements.

Integrates With Other Systems
Easily exports data, inserts charts/graphs, attach documents and media to specific orders.

Versatile Cloud Solution
Operates as a dependable cloud service hosted by Bluestreak™ or hosted internally.

Foster Collaboration
Connects employees, partners, suppliers, and customers to a common data source, streamlining business workflows and improving communication (in real-time).

Access From Mobile Devices 
Provides convenient access to critical data on mobile devices to check inventory, take customer orders, approve purchases, check on the status of an order and view KPIs.

Role-based Workspace
Personalizes screens to improve access to critical data and daily tasks. Utilizes RBAC (role based access control).

Specialized for Your Industry
Built-in functionality that was designed specifically for metal treating/finishing service-based industries.