Do you want software that claims to be the “Gold Standard” or the “Water Standard”?

Do you want software that claims to be the “Gold Standard” or the “Water Standard”?


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The “Gold Standard”, sounds pretty impressive doesn’t it? What does this claim really mean? If we look at Gold much of its value is due to an implied limited supply; if anybody could go into their backyard and dig up whatever amounts of gold they wanted, it would have very little value, right?

Software that claims to be the Gold Standard tries to keep its “value” inflated by limiting its availability within an organization that uses it. The old-school ideas of per-seat, per-computer, per-dongle licensing are a way of artificially limiting the supply of user “seats” in an attempt to maximize profit for the software company. If the total impact of this practice was just separating you from more of your money, then it would not be a very compelling issue; however, the REAL effects are far more sinister and devastating for your company.

Every for-profit business must control its expenses to keep them in-line with revenues (don’t you wish government could do that). Purchasers and owners look for every way possible to reduce expenses. When purchasing software from a company that uses old-school “Gold Standard” tactics, and wants to charge you a per-something license, you will immediately attempt to reduce your expenses by limiting your per-something licenses to the minimum you think needed to “get by”. You start to think “I have 50 employees, but the 35 employees in the shop don’t really need a license, they can use a supervisor’s computer if they need to check something.  So we can cut it down to the 5 supervisors, 1 in the shipping department, 4 front office people, and 1 for me…” – that’s 11 per-something licenses. You did good, right? You cut your expenses (licenses) to just 20% of your actual staff. Congratulations, you just hobbled your company! You drastically limited your future ability to fully leverage the software to increase quality, velocity through the shop, customer satisfaction and your profits. That “Gold Standard” stuff turns out to be a lead weight around your company’s “neck.”

With Bluestreak, we sell our software as if it were water – NOT Gold. Like water, every employee in your company needs to have access to it, not just weekly or daily, but many times during the day. They should not need to travel long distances to find it, nor wait in line for a few “water” sources. If you have 50 employees, every single one of them NEEDS to have access to the software, when and where they need to. If using mobile technology like smart phones and tablets are appropriate, you should be able to leverage that technology. With Bluestreak, we not only don’t mind if you have 10, 25, 50, 100 or more devices and users connecting to YOUR data, we encourage it! One flat cost, regardless of the number of users or computing devices you have. If you need to add more people or devices in the future, go right ahead – no extra charge.

Now what kind of Software Company do you want to partner with? Do you want one who self-proclaims “Gold Standard” or one that offers a refreshing change that will really quench your employees thirst for information and costs you no more extra than tap-water? Bluestreak is the “Water Standard”, and we’re very proud of that!

Todd Wenzel
Throughput | Bluestreak – Throughput Consulting Inc.