United Gear and Assembly, Hudson Wisconsin

Captive departments are typically incorporated into a manufacturing company and provide specific services to parts being produced. Examples are Heat Treating, AM/3D Printing, Powder/Liquid Coating, Plating, various Metal Treating, etc. These departments usually have detailed processing instructions that are NOT possible to be provided by the company’s ERP system. Additionally, some departments sell their excess capacity to the Commercial market and need the ability to Invoice outside of the company’s ERP system. Bluestreak™ provides all the capabilities and MORE needed by Captives and can even be integrated with your internal ERP system.

Captives have primarily the same requirements of their commercial Job Shop counterparts. The main difference is many have one customer – their corporate “parent.” They still need detailed processing instructions, they need to track the parts, easily access and follow company and quality procedures, collect quality data and produce Certifications to prove the processing was successful. They need documentation to support their quality accreditations, calibrate machines, train employees, etc. Some captive departments even have excess capacity that they can sell into the commercial market; now they need to produce quotes, shipping documents and invoices too!

The parent manufacturing company already has an ERP/MRP system that might be very old or even relatively new, but usually the ERP Router is not designed for the detailed information the specialized department needs. For example, an internal Heat Treating department needs more information than the “Heat Treat” instructions on the ERP router.

Bluestreak™ can be setup as a single department solution either separate or connected to the ERP system. Any or all of the Bluestreak™ modules can be utilized. If connected to the ERP system, when the parts are available for “Heat Treating”, for example, the ERP system makes a simple “call” to Bluestreak™ and the correct Work Order to process the parts in the department is automatically produced and the appropriate personnel are immediately notified by iMail (Bluestreak™ internal messaging system), email or text message. After the parts are completed for the ERP job in the captive department, Bluestreak™ will call back to the ERP system and let it know the parts are complete and send any other detailed information required to be updated in the ERP system.

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