You may still have all your employees but are you ready
for a demand ramp-up from customers who previously canceled or postponed orders?


Upgrade Your Production Control With Automatized Software


Automation Benefits:

1. Operational and repetitive tasks can be automated resulting in fewer errors/rework to maximize production.

2. Standardization of operational processes, equipment, and activities for faster gains in productivity, quality, and cost savings.

3. Conform to specification requirements every time while automatically creating and maintaining a fully documented audit trail.  Advanced Specifications Manager

4. Save time and work efficiently with Electronic Document Control, complete management and revision control of all corporate documents, such as your Quality Manual, Operating/Work Instructions, Equipment Operating Procedures, Employee Handbook, etc. BlueDocs

5. Eliminate human error and manual data entry by automatically collecting, uploading, or syncing data in one centralized system and make available throughout the entire company.

6. Reduce time to action with automating manual data collection processes and procedures.

7. Reduce customer service personnel by allowing customers immediate online, real-time, 24/7 access to their order status, certification statements, work order history, and more. Customer Connector Portal

8. Departments can work together and collaborate with one centralized system/source of data to make better management decisions.

9. Allow employees to work offsite efficiently with remote access to company data and real-time visibility, utilizing any computer or mobile device. 

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