Any Time, Any Where, Any Device – all by design

At Bluestreak™, we are committed to providing the most advanced MES and QMS system available today and in the future. We are constantly updating our software which is evidenced by our monthly new version release schedule. Our platform was designed and built, from day 1, to be 100% browser based; in 2006 that was a tall bar to overcome, but we did it. Ever since then we have been keeping current with HTML technology (now HTML5) to make sure our software works seamlessly across all modern browsers. 

Because of our browser based design, Bluestreak™ operates flawlessly on all computer operating systems and nearly all tablets and smartphones, we even have customers using a Kindle or Nook! This is not by accident, it was by design, and we do this all from a single code-base. We do not need to write “apps” for mobile devices and try to keep everything in sync between dozens of different desktops, laptops, OS’s, tablets and smartphones, each with a different native development platform and language. This is a HUGE advantage that our browser-based design provides us, and allows us to provide YOU a solid and easily extensible software platform.

We can host your Bluestreak™ site in our secure Tier 1 Provider hosted Cloud, or you can choose to run Bluestreak™ on your own servers on your own internal network. We have built in Two Factor Authentication that you can mandate for all of your employees to make Bluestreak™ even more secure.  Bluestreak™ DOES NOT need to be exposed to the internet if you do not wish it to be. But, making it available on the Internet, gives you the most flexibility for total Any Time, Any Where, Any Device access to your critical data.