Partnership Based Development

What makes Bluestreak™ so unique? To start, Bluestreak™ is the product of partner-based development. Individuals with direct experience in metal treating operations influenced the design and functionality of Bluestreak™, resulting in a powerful solution unlike any other. And, as part of a commitment to continuous improvement, Bluestreak™ continues to evolve with the direct input of partners and customers alike.

Exclusive Focus on Service-Based Manufacturing

In an effort to address shop floor control, many service-based companies have implemented traditional ERP/MRP systems that have required expensive customizations to adequately handle service-based workflow requirements. Unlike traditional ERP/MRP systems, Bluestreak™ is designed exclusively for a service-based manufacturing environment, where the primary focus is processing and not inventory management. The difference is monumental.

For smaller businesses, a full-blown ERP/MRP system is both overkill and cost prohibitive. ERP/MRP systems are designed for inventory-based manufacturing environments, not for service-based manufacturing environments. Service or process based environments – such as most metal treating businesses – have workflows that are process-oriented, not inventory-oriented. Tracking inventory is a secondary concern – if it’s applicable at all. ERP/MRP systems often cost far more than Bluestreak™. Why pay for functionality you don’t need and why re-engineer a solution that isn’t designed for your business in the first place?

With Bluestreak™, you get the right functionality for your business at a fraction of the price of a customized ERP solution.

Intelligent Design

Enjoy the ease of a browser-based platform and save the hassle of installing and maintaining software on individual workstations. Bluestreak™ runs within an Internet browser and requires no software on the desktop. This means you don’t have to pay for more software when your business grows; that’s just dated thinking – add as many desktops as you like.

Bluestreak’s™ intelligent, browser-based design allows customers the choice of running Bluestreak™ in the Cloud for a reduction in maintenance and total cost of ownership, or in a traditional customer-hosted arrangement for the ultimate in control. Bluestreak’s™ innovative design gives customers meaningful choice.

An Extensible Platform

Bluestreak™ was designed to be a true best-of-breed, extensible application that offers customers the height of flexibility and power. Because Bluestreak™ was designed to be extensible, any metal treating company – from heat treaters to coaters – can easily customize Bluestreak™ to mirror their business’s unique workflows.

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, it’s not enough to develop applications that fulfill current needs. Business conditions are never stagnant. Businesses must be agile to compete, and agility requires the ability to adapt to changing market demands. Throughput | Bluestreak customers have confidence in knowing that whatever the market throws at them, Bluestreak™ can be easily adapted to changing requirements.


In an age of exponentially increasing technological complexity, simplicity is golden. An integrated platform that intentionally embraces simplicity as a critical design element results in a solution that is at once powerful and elegant. One only needs to look at Google and the iPad – while the technology behind both is anything but simple, the user experience is simplicity at its best. Bluestreak™ embraces simplicity as a core design element, resulting in an integrated platform that totally surpasses expectations.

Because Return on Investment (ROI) is directly impacted by usability, a user-friendly platform is critical. Users avoid technology that is difficult or cumbersome; at best the technology is under-utilized, if it’s used at all – drastically lowering ROI. When technology is easy to use and makes a user’s job easier, problems with adoption disappear.

Simplicity matters and directly affects your bottom line. When you partner with Throughput | Bluestreak™, you can have confidence that we get the importance of simplicity.

Is there a brick wall between your business and quality management?

The Cost of Quality

Cost of Quality

  • Improve Overall Quality
  • Quality Functionality
  • Tracking Tied Directly Into Production

​Certifications/Production Control Plans

Certifications/Production Control Plans

  • Multiple/Customized CERTS
  • Sampling Plans
  • Advanced Control Plans

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

  • Interruptions in Production
  • Product Quality Issues
  • Financial Losses

Real-Time Control

Real-Time Control

  • Immediate Shop Floor Notification
  • Equipment/Vendor Personnel Qualification

Document control

Accountability and Auditability

  • Document Control
  • Centralized Data Collection
  • Complete Audit Trail

Quality Management

Bluestreak™ is a fully integrated and compliant quality management solution for service-based environments.

  • Audit Efficiencies
  • Control Internal Company Audits
  • Streamline External Audits

GE Additive is using Bluestreak | Bright-AM to manage the production of their 3D printed parts in the U.S. and in other countries around the world.

  • Ensures compliance with AS9100, Nadcap, MedAccred, NIST, ISO, etc.
  • Generates unique serial numbers for each part being printed and tracks each serial number through the process, including advanced disposition control of nonconformances.