Manufacturers who need a robust and extensible Manufacturing Execution System need look no further. Bluestreak™ with its web services, and other connectivity options, provides an easy and flexible connection and bidirectional COMMUNICATIONS to nearly any ERP/MRP system. You can use Bluestreak™ to track all job routing for every part in or just parts within specific departments via the “Captive Departments” features. Bluestreak™ can capture any kind of production data during tracking as well as qualify personnel, equipment and outside vendors in real-time. A fully extensible QMS system is included along with Certification generation, plus much more functionality. We would be happy to discuss your company’s particular needs.


In 2016 Bluestreak™ expanded into another product division to include, Bluestreak | Bright AM™, a Manufacturing Execution system (MES) and Quality Management system (QMS) designed exclusively for the unique challenges of the Additive Manufacturing industry – tracking the processes of disparate parts 3D printed together on a single build plate as well as everything from incoming orders to work in progress, to delivery confirmation.

Bright AM™ supports unique serial numbers for each part being printed and tracks each serial number through the process, including any involved in nonconformance’s, a critical requirement for such industries as aerospace, aviation and medical.

Today, Bluestreak | Bright AM™ supports some of the largest most progressive Additive Manufacturing Part-production facilities in the world. To learn more about the full suite of production control and quality management tools, visit the Bright AM™ website.


For Job Shops, Bluestreak™ provides end-to-end control, from Quoting to Invoicing, from Maintenance to Production Tracking to Real-time Customer Portal access. We easily handle Advanced Quality initiatives for Aerospace, Automotive and Medical. A fully extensible and audit compliant Quality Management System allows you to have all of your critical production documentation available anytime you need it; no more “silos” of disconnected data. Enjoy full visibility for management across all departments. You can even use Bluestreak™ to connect directly to your customer’s ERP system and effectively become their Captive Department for the services you provide.

Any Time – Any Where – Any Device…

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Where Quality and Production Intersect…

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Comprehensive, Auditable Specification Management…

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Track Orders and Parts through Every Operation…

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Easy Breezy Scheduling…

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Beyond MES, Full QMS…

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Force Success, Shoulder to Shoulder Implementations…

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Push Critical Real-Time Information via Email & Text…

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Throughput Consulting Inc., is an innovated software development company that was founded in 2005 to address specific requirements in the various manufacturing verticals such as: service-based manufacturing companies that are part of the manufacturing supply chain.   A few examples are Heat Treating, Powder Coating, Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing, Liquid and other Coatings, Plating, Forging, Surface Finishing, etc.

Throughput Consulting Inc. is the developer of the award winning Bluestreak I MES I QMS™ platform as well as Bright AM™ for Additive Manufacturing production control, work order management and quality/specification adherence.  The company also provides custom software development and specialized training services, both onsite and online.

Bluestreak™ is flexible enough to handle virtually any service-based, process oriented manufacturing production environment.  We even use Bluestreak™ everyday ourselves to manage multiple projects, development queues, business activities, and communications with customers and system users.  We too provide a service – valuable information management in an easy-to-use dynamic software system.

Our software is 100% browser-based and can be licensed in the Cloud or run Perpetually on your own internal servers.  The backend is Microsoft® SQL Server® along with IIS (Internet Information Services). There is ZERO software to install on any device that accesses Bluestreak™ and it runs ANY modern device that has a browser; the browser is our operating system.  We even have people using eReaders like a Kindle® or Nook®!

In order to get new functionality into the hands of users often and to keep current with HTML5 standards, we release software updates 12 times a year – every month! We also offer a complete 24×7 online video library as well as online Instructor-Led Training courses (ILT), to keep you up-to-date on the latest new versions, features and best practices.

Unlimited online support is always included with our Cloud licenses or monthly Software Assurance with Perpetual licenses. We offer online and onsite classes.  We are focused on our partners and helping them obtain the highest level of profitability and quality.  Without them there is no Bluestreak™.


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