Is there a gap between your company’s ERP system, production control and quality management processes?

Because Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and ERP software bring different capabilities to the forefront, using them together can bring your business more well-rounded results. Bluestreak MES + QMS™ with its web services, and other connectivity options, provides an easy and flexible connection and bidirectional communications to nearly any ERP system (including your customer’s system), to share data.

Many small/midsize companies are using Bluestreak™ as their ERP/MRP system which greatly simplifies their overall business operations.

Bluestreak™ makes it possible to have a robust MES/QMS solution with more functionality and quality control:

•  Track labor time, equipment usage and the routing of all parts within specific departments.

•  Produce Certifications (with or without quality characteristics)

•  Collect detailed and accurate quality information in real-time.

•  Certification/Specification tracking and control.

•  Analyze production with Bluestreak’s™ KPI Dashboards.

•  Complete, documented audit trail history on every step of every job.

•  Qualify personnel, equipment, and outside vendors based on Specifications.

•  Manage CAPAs (corrective and preventive action) and much more!


Bluestreak | Bright AM™, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Quality Management System (QMS), supports some of the largest most progressive Additive Manufacturing Part-production facilities and Powder Manufacturers in the world to track and manage specification requirements for the Aerospace, Defense and Commercial markets.

Click here to review a GE Aviation /Additive case study.    

Better manage the unique challenges of the Additive Manufacturing and Powder Metallurgy industries:

•  Real-time Part/Build Process Visibility.

•  Advanced nonconformance dispositioning at the individual Part Serial Number.

•  Add nonconformances to future operating steps (within the Part Build Process) so final disposition can be managed later in the process, while allowing the Parts to continue processing while keeping a digital-linked audit trail of where the original nonconformance(s) occurred.

•  Supports multiple levels of Re-Work Orders and/or nonconformances from the original Nonconformance.

•  Allows for the Flexibility to track specified operations in a sequence different from the original Work Order (all Ops need to be tracked ultimately, but allows flexibility to continue processing, such as inspections, while waiting for resources to be available at earlier operating steps).

•  Guaranteed unique serial numbers.

•  Platform centric Build Plate. ID’s (with the appropriate Process management steps).



(Heat Treat, Powder Coat, Plating, Surface Finishing, Forging, Laboratories, Etc.)

Put us to the test! We guarantee a minimum of 25% production cost reduction without adding more equipment or employees.

With automated processes built into Bluestreak™, companies can manage key product decisions in real-time and avoid product delays, scrap and rework, increased costs, and audit issues.

Bluestreak™ provides end-to-end control, from Quoting to Invoicing, from Maintenance to Production Tracking to Real-time Customer Portal access. We easily handle Advanced Quality initiatives for Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Medical and other specifications.

A fully extensible and audit compliant Quality Management System allows you to have all of your critical production documentation available anytime you need it; no more “silos” of disconnected data. Enjoy full visibility for management across all departments.

You can use Bluestreak™ to connect directly to your customer’s ERP system and effectively become their Captive Department for the services you provide.

Bluestreak™ provides solutions for your operational pain points.
(Is it time for a system change?)

•  Silos of disconnected data.

•  Audits are difficult and often fail.

•  Poor job scheduling.

•  System /data security concerns.

•  Unexplained downtime.

•  Lacking sufficient documentation.

•  Redundant Data Entry.

•  Too many manual process errors.


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